Food delivery website, integrated with iiko including online payments, sms, techsupport.

Start your online delivery project within 2 weeks. The ready-made platform, fully integrated with iiko restaurant automation system with the newest documentation iikoCloud Api (Transport)

We are - JQ HORECA SOLUTIONS - the leading iiko web-integrator
What's inside:
The platform is always developing. Be up to date.
JQ CMS - proudly created for restaurateurs
We have created our own platform that makes it easy to manage data and interact with iiko. There is nothing extra, only the most important features. We are constantly improving the platform, making it better.
Totally integrated with iiko
Organizations, cities, streets, terminals, types of payments, types of orders, cost of delivery zones, nomenclature, group modifiers, restrictions, stop lists, and much more are synchronized with iiko.
Control over the delivery zones
We operate with cities, delivery zones (google maps entered in iiko), as well as the cost of delivery tied to zones. If the delivery street is outside the service area, the site will not allow the order in iiko.
Control over the working time for all the points of sales
We control the opening hours of each terminal and only pass orders during business hours, excluding chaos. Outside working hours, a notification appears on the site stopping the possibility to order.
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Convenient orders management
We collect all the required information on orders and track statuses. You can manage orders in the administrative panel of the site, on the mails specified for duplication, as well as on the fronts of the terminals.
We will connect your website to e-commerce. You may request a connection to your bank or payment service if it has the API documentation.
Iikocard promo management
Our projects allow you to operate with a bonus balance: write off and accrue bonuses, operate with promo codes synced with iikocard. We add loyalty functionality at the second stage of work to a stable project.
Private area with the orders history
A personal account allows you to manage addresses, order history, bonus points. You can also repeat the order from your account, subject to the availability in the restaurant.
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Stable server for the fast project work
We host projects on separate servers with backup options and protection against DDoS attacks. We comply with GDPR legislation and use Hetzner servers for foreign projects.
Professional technical support
We provide full technical support for all our projects. We use the Intradesk ticketing system, allowing us to quickly respond to all incoming requests. You will receive access to the mobile app, letting you create tasks easily.
Group modifiers and product dimensions
We deal with group modifiers (additive and exclusive). You can add dimensions to any product. We also take into account the restrictions on the possible modifiers number, as well as stops for dishes.
Products compositions and up-sales
The system allows you to collect several identical dishes with different internal ingredients. The basket will clearly show the composition of the collected dishes. Increase your check with up-sales in the basket and product cards.
You can display the current and crossed-out price for every product.
Using promotional banners in products
You can replace each product with a promotional banner using one click of a button on the product card. A promotional banner has three options: go to the internal product card, go to a promotion on the site, go to an external link.
- the leading web-integrator of iiko
Rental solution with
php + Laravel + iikoCloud
We have created a complete project management platform based on PHP + Laravel. It fully synchronized with iiko, using the latest iikoCloud API documentation
Highest competencies in HoReCa.
For 6 years we have accumulated experience that has allowed us to create a platform for projects of the HoReCa segment of varying complexity. We have structured processes and each project easily goes through its stages.
Priority Intradesk techsupport
Its included free technical support within the allocated hours. We don't leave you alone.
We've created more then 60 HoReCa projects:
Have a look at some of them:
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Okinava Kazan (Project in Russia)
Modern delivery solution on the Bitrix CMS + API iikoDelivery
Sushi-Master (Project in Ukraine)
Modern delivery solution on the Bitrix CMS + API iikoDelivery
BeFit (Project in Russia)
Modern delivery solution on the Bitrix CMS + API iikoDelivery
Gordan (Project in Russia) opening soon !
Modern delivery solution on the new platform + iikoCloud API
Small Italy (Project in Ukraine) opening soon !
Modern delivery solution on the new platform + iikoCloud API
Pronto & Tsunami (Project in Ukraine) opening soon !
Modern delivery solution on the new platform + iikoCloud API
Morkov (Project in Russia) opening soon !
Modern retail solution on the new platform + iikoCloud API
Pizza Paolo (Project in Russia) opening soon !
Modern delivery solution on the new platform + iikoCloud API
RENT start
RENT pro
CMS totally synced with iiko by
iikoCloud Api (Transport) Api.
Inicial payment
500 €
800 €
Template design
Server rental
80 €/month
от 80 €/month
Group modifiers and product dimensions
Free techsupport
Content placement
up to 100 photos
up to 250 photos
100 €
100 €
100 €
100 €
iikoCard Promotions
Cities and points of sales restrictions
1 city
∞ points of sales
20 cities
∞ points of sales
20 cities
∞ points of sales
100 /month
SSL as a gift
250 €/month
SSL as a gift
5 000 €
from 11 000
Thanx for choosing
the "Rent start" package
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the "Rent pro" package
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the "Personal" package
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What CMS do you use?
Until October 2019, we were working with Bitrix CMS, using our best practices and the iikoDelivery API. However, taking into account the company's development prospects in worldwide markets, as well as changes in iiko itself, since October 2019 we have abandoned the use of Bitrix in our projects. We created our functional platform in PHP and Laravel and synced it with iiko by iikoCloud API (Transport) protocol.
In what time you can setup the project?
The rental projects can be set up during 2-3 weeks, depending on the e-commerce of your bank or service. Personal project timing is up to your technical task.
Do you have a responsive mobile version?
Yes, it's a fully responsive mobile version ready to easily operate the orders.
Can you plug in the loyalty systems?
Yes, we work with iikoCard and synchronize it with the website, allowing you to add and write off bonuses. Since the user identifier is the mobile phone number, the bonus balance can be charged even at the front of the terminal and displayed in the site's user area. We can also use promo codes on the site.
Do you provide technical support?
Yes, we provide full technical support for all projects we create. For this, we use Intradesk technologies. You can read more about technical support and pricing here:
Can you develop mobile apps?
We are not yet developing mobile applications for iOS and Android, since we have not gained enough experience in mobile development. However, in 2021 we plan to release a mobile application in a rental format, managed from a similar CMS with a website.
Can you design logo and brand-book?
Yes, we create logos, and we can also develop a corporate identity and banners for the website. However, please check in advance.
What is the collaboration during the project development?
The structure of our company allows us to work remotely. We have been working in remote mode for more than 6 years and all our processes have been tested over the years and by many projects. This also applies to the development and support of created solutions. Management is based in Portugal. Development teams are located in different cities of Russia and Ukraine. We do not work with freelance. All of our projects are run by former staff.
Tasks and checklists for the team are set in Active Collab. The design we approve in Miro. Ongoing communication takes place in Telegram and WhatsApp. We hold conferences at Zoom. Technical support is at Okdesk.
Can you set up SEO?
We have basic SEO settings, but the full configuration is required by the client's team. We can fulfill the recommendation points of the client's SEO specialists, within the framework of technical support tickets.
Whats the payment process?
To get started, you need to choose one of the pricing packages and leave a request.
We will contact you, clarifying the questions and, in the event of an agreement, request the details of your company to sign the specification and to provide you with the invoice. After signing the specification, depending on the selected pricing package, payment is made due to the following rules:
In the "Rent start" package, the setup payment is 500 euro + payment for the first month of the rent is 100 euro (the countdown of which starts only from the moment the site is launched on the client's domain).
In the "Rent pro" package, the setup payment is 800 euro + payment for the first month of the rent - 250 euro (the countdown of which starts only from the moment the site is launched on the client's domain).
In the "Unlim" package, there is a one-time payment of 5000 euro. Further, the monthly payment is canceled forever.
In the "Personal" package, the project is assessed in accordance with the terms of reference from the client. Upon the assessment and conclusion of the contract, payment is made by prepayment of each development stage.
Is there any additional spend?
The rental rate includes hosting, but the server in the "Unlimited" package is paid separately. The price starts from 80 euros/month depending on the features and storage. Payment is collected for the period: half a year/year. This cost includes backup and DDoS protection.

- Comodo Positive SSL certificate needs to be purchased in the "Rent start" package.

- If you need an SSL certificate with subdomain support, you can purchase it through our company, since we are Comodo partners.

- The rate "Rent start" includes filling in 100 photos of dishes, according to the photos provided. The client can fill in the photos himself in the administrative part of the website. Exceeding this quantity is under discussion to follow.
- The rate "Rent pro" includes filling in 250 photos of dishes, according to the photos provided. The client can fill in the photos himself in the administrative part of the site. Exceeding this quantity is under discussion to follow.
- The rate "Rent start" includes a restriction for 1 city. If this limit is exceeded, the amount of 10 euro/ month for each additional city is added to the rent.
What kind of licenses do i need for the project?
We work with iikoCloud version (7.3 and higher). Please check with your iiko partner.
Servers and project rules:
The project is being developed in a test environment (test domain + server). After verification by the client, the project is transferred to an individual server in our infrastructure and you delegate a domain by A record.
We are the Service. The project is created and managed by our platform, which is hosted and maintained only on our servers. We do not transfer access to the source code of the project to servers. You get full access to CMS for the project management.
We are the most recommended iiko web-integrator!
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